Core Business Areas

Renewable Energy Products

Renewable energy products Pori Offshore Constructions offers renewable energy solutions focusing on offshore wind. We deliver full set of services from detail engineering and project management to construction and installation.

POC has has established itself as a reputable player in offshore wind by delivering the first floating offshore windmill foundation in the world as well as the first offshore windmill foundation operating in ice conditions. Please see references for more details.

Oil & Gas Offshore/Subsea Products

Oil & Gas products (Offshore / Subsea) With over 45 years of experience in world class project deliveries in Oil & Gas, Pori Offshore Constructions offers the expertise and know how on executing large scale projects on schedule and within budget while continuously thriving for highest quality and improving safety performance.

POC is committed to the Clients success focusing on best solutions to achieve goals together. Working in Oil & Gas for decades has built our safety and quality culture resulting in the best practices that enable us to deliver major projects reliably and continuing the proven track record since 1972.

Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels We have a long tradition of building large vessels for several different applications to a wide range of clients. We are familiar with different design codes and standards as well as the variety of materials used for different applications. We have equipment to perform e.g. clad overlay welding and capabilities to roll cylindrical structures with heavy wall thicknesses. Our workshops are equipped with a wide range of rollers and mechanized welding equipment which ensure efficient fabrication also for heavy and large diameter structures. We have certificates for AD Merkblatt HP0, ASME S, ASME U and ASME U2. Our location is excellent for logistics as we are right next to the Port of Pori from where the structures can be easily transported to a port all over the world.

Special Steel Structures

Special Steel Structures The capabilities and competences Pori Offshore Constructions Oy has obtained while executing large scale international projects can be applied to a wide range of industry applications demanding precise execution and high quality. These industry fields include e.g. the marine industry (conventional ship building, and other marine applications), infrastructure development and nuclear industry, power plants, process industry. If your industry field is not mentioned here don't worry if it is large, heavy and made of steel we can most likely build it. We are happy to discuss about your specific needs in more detail.