Pori Offshore Constructions is part of the Enersense Group, a Finnish company providing world class project execution

and steel construction services to a wide range of customers.

Pori Offshore Constructions offers a wide range of specialty services provided with unmatched expertise.

Pori Offshore Constructions offers a wide range of specialty services provided with unmatched expertise.


SPAR Platforms

Pori Yard has proven expertise covering construction of exploration and service rigs including

  • 14 Spar platforms
  • 16 semi-submersible rigs
  • 5 jack-up drilling rigs
  • 3 drill ships
  • Deepwater floating platform for production and drilling with oil / condensate storage options
  • Low motions even in harsh environments – support dry trees, steel catenary risers (SCRs) or flexible risers
  • Unconditionally stable with simple ballast and marine systems
  • Hull fabrication in Pori or locally with Pori supervision (e.g. Kikeh in Malaysia)
  • Topsides installation by heavy lift or by catamaran floatover (e.g. Kikeh)
  • Full drilling or with tender support
  • 14 Spar’s out of the 21 worldwide have been built in Pori

Subsea Products

Delivering critical components to some of the most challenging projects in the Gulf of Mexico and West Africa.

  • Goosenecks
  • Parking structures
  • Pre-Commissioning structures
  • Pig Launcher Receivers
  • Buoyancy cans for free standing hybrid risers
  • Suction piles for manifolds, risers or tethers


Heavy Pressure Vessels

We manufacture heavy pressure vessels and related equipment for the process, gas and power industries.

  • Large storage bullets and spheres for LNG, LPG and CO2 including high quality surface protection
  • High quality, heavy and moderate size reactors, absorbers and HP separators

Windmill Foundations

Pori Yard has engineered and fabricated the sub-structure for Hywind, the world’s first full scale offshore floating wind turbine, off the Norwegian coast.

By adapting our core competencies, we are able to deliver:

  • Sub-structures for deepwater floating wind turbines
  • Foundations for shallow water fixed wind turbines
  • Floating or fixed sub-structures for substation platforms

Enersense has been chosen as a contractor to construct a pontoon for the port of HaminaKotka

October 26, 2021

Enersense International Plc
Press release, 25 October 2021 at 3:45 p.m.

Pori Offshore Constructions Ltd, which operates in the Smart Industry business area of Enersense International Plc, a provider of zero-emission energy solutions, has signed an agreement with HaminaKotka Satama Oy on the construction of a pontoon. The pontoon will be constructed at Enersense’s site in Mäntyluoto, Pori.

The project will be carried out as a lump-sum contract, and it consists of the construction of a pontoon weighing approximately 610 tonnes and a ramp weighing approximately 200 tonnes. The pontoon is specifically designed for loading and unloading operations of ro-ro vessels as an extension for the existing pier. A ro-ro (roll-on/roll-off) vessel refers to a ship on which the loading takes place by rolling from the side, stern or bow of the vessel and no crane is required to load it.

HaminaKotka Satama Oy invests in and develops the possibilities for the ro-ro terminal to increase capacity and to create conditions for the port’s customers and operators to receive even larger vessels and flows of goods also in the future. The design of the ramp has taken into account the needs of the shipping companies and the port operator, as well as their views on vessels and cargo handling in the near future.

At its peak, the workforce required for the project will be around 80 to 90 people. Employees currently laid off at Pori Offshore Constructions Ltd will be invited back to work as the project progresses. The value of the transaction is significant compared to Pori Offshore Constructions’ current turnover. The project begins immediately, and the pontoon is scheduled to be completed in the summer 2022.

Through a transaction completed on 4 October 2021 Enersense International Plc acquired the entire share capital of Pori Offshore Constructions Ltd. The agreement signed now with HaminaKotka Satama Oy is Pori Offshore Construction’s first agreement as part of Enersense.

For more information, please contact:

Jussi Holopainen, CEO
Telephone: +358 44 517 4543
Email: jussi.holopainen@enersense.com

HaminaKotka Satama Oy
Jari Kontunen, Technical Director
Phone: +358 40 656 5003
Email: jari.kontunen@haminakotka.fi

Media contacts:

Tommi Manninen, Senior Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs
Telephone: +358 40 043 7515
Email: tommi.manninen@enersense.com

Briefly about the companies:

Enersense International Plc is a provider of zero-emission energy solutions. The company is strongly involved in supporting the ongoing energy transition and enabling a zero-emission society. The Enersense Group’s turnover in 2020 was around EUR 144 million. The pro forma turnover of the Enersense-Empower Group, which was consolidated in 2020, was around EUR 241 million in 2020. The company has around 2,400 employees, and it operates in Finland and internationally in around 40 countries. Enersense’s share is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki (ESENSE). The company’s website for investors can be found at www.enersense.com/investors. HaminaKotka is the biggest export, transit and universal port in Finland, which invests strongly in future growth. Development projects are large and have long-term impact. The role of ports in promoting Finland’s competitiveness is central. In this context, the port of HaminaKotka provides a unique operating environment, where land and sea transport are connected, for industries linked to ports and the flow of goods from the Finnish industry. Further information can be found at www.haminakotka.com

Enersense acquires the share capital of Pori Offshore Constructions

October 14, 2021

Pori Offshore Constructions is part of the Finnish business delegation supporting Minister Skinnari by offering solutions for green transition.

April 27, 2021



December 23, 2020

The aim of the joint project is to develop competitive concepts for the needs of growing offshore wind power construction and production https://www.businessfinland.fi/ajankohtaista/uutiset/2020/baltic-offshore-wind–hankkeessa-rakennetaan-merituulivoimaan-perustuvaa-paastottoman-energian-ekosysteemia

Take a look inside POC through the words of Jussi Ylinaatu

November 19, 2020

I am sitting at my home next to my computer in a small room on the first floor. The company I work for, Pori Offshore Constructions Oy, is located 20 kilometers to the west. My Colleagues, working for the same employer, are spread around the Pori city area, each working from their own home. Nevertheless, I am still able to discuss and work together with my colleagues in real time as we all would be in the same room. Welcome to the world of pandemic! It is difficult to understand, that we are living the same year as we were eleven months ago. The world has taken a big step, but the direction is unknown. We are living in a…