About Us

Pori Offshore Constructions is a Finnish engineering, project management and fabrication powerhouse built on local talent and expertise. The company is continuing the long offshore industry tradition of Pori established more than four decades ago. Our objective is to provide world-class project execution and fabrication services to a wide range of customers. Our core business areas are:

  • Renewable Energy Products
  • Oil & Gas Offshore/Subsea Equipments
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Special Steel Structures


Pori Offshore Constructions operates the well recognized
and reputable facility in Mäntyluoto, Pori.
The company has a proven track record in execution of world class engineering, project management and fabrication projects. We are setup to offer tailor made project execution and fabrication solutions to domestic and international customers. Pori Offshore Constructions offers:

  • Full scale of Engineering services
  • Project Management services
  • Special welding services for demanding materials
  • Expertice in installation, handling and transport of large structures